The full moon occurs when the earth is located directly between the sun and moon. Many practitioners use Moon Salutations or Chandra Namaskars on the days when they require to tap into the feminine side of the nature or to harness the cooling energy of the moon.

Moon Salutations are a reflection of Sun Salutations and created in the image of the same. Just as the moon has not light and draws light from the sun, similarly, Chandra Namaskars follows the path laid down by Surya Namaskars with a few variations, but it works to activate the left side of the body and the brain. Chandra Namaskars is best performed after sunset or at night to infuse the coolness of the moon into the body, mind and soul. 

The moon has a deep impact on us with its different phases and therefore this salute to the moon should be practiced keeping in mind the phases of the moon. 

Join Jessi for an all levels Chandra Namasker Sequence (Salute to the Moon) followed by a divine Yin Sequence.

Cost: $22 casual, all passes and memberships are valid
When: Friday 10/2/17
Where: Sun Moon Yoga 163 Main St Osborne Park