The sun and moon are contrasting bodies of the universe but when formed together they make a more powerful and greater body. The sun represents the elements of masculinity, authority, wisdom, strength and power. The moon signifies emotion, imagination, intuition and beauty. Come and experience the transformative powers of yoga and unite your sun and moon energies!

Located at 163 Main Street, Osborne Park. There is plenty of free parking and we supply all mats and equipment.


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  • 6 Week Beginners Yoga Courses

  • 6 Week Advanced Yoga Courses

  • 7 Week Chakra Balancing Yoga Courses

  • 5 Week Yang Yin 5 Elements Yoga Courses

  • Yoga + Pilates + Creche - Wednesday 9:30

  • Trial offer 30 days of unlimited yoga $60 New clients only (go to pricing page)

Want Yoga or Pilates at your workplace?

Get more out of your employees and introduce a group bonding, relaxing and mindful practice to your workplace. Lots of options available, see below:

  • Single session - $150

  • Corporation can pay full amount or part eg. $50, rest made up by employees

  • Employees pay full amount eg. 10 x$12. More of less per head depending on attendance or

  • 6 Week blocks at a discount are available - $840- can be paid as above

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Meet Bear & Bodhi

There are a few classes on the timetable where studio owner Kelly brings her two beautiful Shih Tzu puppies Bear and Bodhi along. The puppies are well trained to keep quiet during class, however they are very friendly and will want to meet you before and after class. During this time they are allowed to move around the studio and delight you with their happy energy. If you are not a dog person, have a fear of dogs, or have allergies (these are hypo-allergic dogs) please do not attend these classes.