• This is your chance to make a commitment to your yoga practice this year. Boost your energy, keep your immune system strong and nourish your overall wellbeing. Simply sign up today, here's how it works;

Email or register in person by Friday 16/6/17. The Yoga Commitment Challenge starts 26/6-24/8/17, attend as many classes as you can in the 60 day time frame. You don't need to purchase a special pass or pay up front as all current passes, new passes, single classes, courses and workshops are valid and will go towards your total count. *sorry no new client passes ($59 unlimited) are valid*

All classes you attend will be tallied up, the person with the most classes attended in 60 days from start to finish will receive either a 1mth unlimited pass (extension on all existing memberships) or a 10 class pass free of charge.