Advanced Core Flow is made up of both Yoga and Pilates fused together to create a powerful practice. This Core Conditioning Course is designed to complement Parts 1-4 of the Advanced Course Series. The course runs as an intro before Parts 1-4 begins and again for the second half of the year as a followup for those that have just finished the Advanced Series. It's also great for anyone that has been attending regular Vinyasa Flow & Core Flow classes and are now looking to step up their practice. In terms of asana (posture) practice, core abdominal strength improves nearly every pose, offering a sense of balance and ease. When you step off of the mat, there are lots of other good reasons to be strong in the core, perhaps most obviously to support the lower back. Weakness in the core can result in over rotations in the vertebrae of the lower back, which leads to degenerative disk disease and arthritis.

Each week we will warm up and flow with strong Vinyasa sequences that will build strengthen in your core and heat in the body. We will break down and practice Yoga postures and Pilates exercise that work Recust Abdominus the outermost layer of the abdominals, The Internal and External Obliques, these start at the side and front body at the ribs and sternum and wrap around the front torso to your pelvis. The Transverse Abdominis, these muscles wrap around your torso—from back near your lumbar spine around to the front—They’re often described as a muscular corset. The transverse abdominis works in combination with the Diaphragm and Pelvic-Floor Muscles, protecting your spine from stressful loads. Finally the Psoas, though you might not think of them as core muscles, the tiny muscles that fine-tune the movements of your vertebrae make up the deepest layer.

We will be looking at Yoga Core Poses and transitions such as Navasana (boat) Bakasana moving into tripod using your core. Double leg lifts in and out of headstand and handstand, standing up and dropping back in backbends, advanced Pilates moves such as The 100’s, Double Leg Stretch, Scissors, The Teaser Series. Kelly will introduce Stability Balls to practice press up Handstand and Headstands, a fun way to approach these inversions! Expect a lot in Vinyasa’s as we will be learning to Jump Back and Jump through from sitting and Down Dog. This is one of the magical movements that seem acrobatic and often impossible to most new practitioners that’s why we often just step through to cross legs or swing legs around when we come to sitting postures. By the end of this 6 week intensive course you should feel strong on the inside and notice the improvement this has to your whole practice. As always the classes will wind down with passive postures and a soothing Savasana.

Cost: $120
When: Wednesday 21/6-26/7/17
Time: 630 - 745pm
Where: Sun Moon Yoga - 163 Main Street, Osborne Park

Bookings are essential, please let me know via 

Payment options: No bank fees: Cash or card in person at class or bank transfer into the account below:

Miss Kelly A Arnold
BSB 066 132
Acc 1100 3326

Paypal: Fee of $2.70 for processing:

Cancellation policy: Full refund from the date of purchase up till, and including 11/6/17, no refund or transfer after this date. If you become injured, ill or unable to attend a class during the course and you email; or text 0497 837 050 24hrs prior to the class, you will be offered a credit class option from our regular timetable, it is not possible to refund any classes missed through the duration of the course and any no shows without 24hrs prior notice will become forfeit.

 *Please note that you are only able to take 1 credit which is valid during the course or maximum 1 month after the course has finished. The credit class must be requested and booked in, if you do not show up for the booking the class is forfeit.