In this 6 week course we will explore stronger variations of poses and vinyasa flow sequences eg. 3 point down dog to wild thing (camatkarasana), binding in side angle then moving into bird of paradise along with many other variations. 

During the second half of the class, once we are warm, we explore arm balances such as crow pose (bakasana), firefly (tittibhasana) side plank (vasisthanasa). If you’ve mastered these poses you’ll be given more challenging variations or sequences to try eg. crow pose jumping back to vinyasa or more challenging arm balances such as flying pigeon and elephant trunk pose.

Moving onto backbends, these postures will gently open up the chest, abdomen, pelvic region and the whole front of the body. They are also strengthening and energising as they release tension and blocked energy. We will explore the best way to improve your Backbends and look at poses such as king pigeon, camel, bow and ypward facing bow just to name a few. For those that have mastered these postures you will be given more challenging variations or ways to move into the postures. 

Finally its time to turn you world up side down! We break down – headstand (sirsasana), handstand (vrksasana), peacock (pincha mayurasana) and shoulderstand (sarvangasasa) with some tricky variations. If you’re unsure of kicking up into these postures we can break it down and you’ll only go up if and when you feel ready. If you’ve mastered the wall you’ll be encourage to move away from the wall and perhaps try more challenging variations or different ways to move into the inversions, you might even find arm balances popping up again as these postures sometime transition into inversions.

After all that hard work you will really be looking forward to winding down with passive posture a soothing savasana.

Some experience of flow style yoga is essential, not suitable for complete beginners.

Cost: $120
Dates: 20/10 - 24/11/18
When: Saturday 930-1030am
Where: Sun Moon Yoga 163 Main Street, Osborne Park

Payment options: No bank fees: Cash or card in person at the studio, minimum 24hrs before course starts or bank transfer to: 

Miss K A Arnold
BSB: 066132
Acc: 1100 3326

Please email confirmation of payment to info@sunmoonyogawellness.com stating the course you are booking in for.

PayPal: Fee for processing included

Once funds are received a receipt will be issued. A 10 day cancellation policy with no refund or transfers applies.