Sun Moon Yoga has teamed up with Sammi Jane Inspired living to bring you the 21 Day Yoga Pilates & Smoothie Program.

Want to kickstart your way to more energy, weight loss goals, great health and a new beginning to your relationship with healthy food? Want to increase your yoga & pilates practice for better flexibility, strength and tone or do you need to calm an over active mind and find peace within?

For just $119.95 you get unlimited yoga & pilates at the studio and receive daily smoothie recipes, weekly shopping list, health tips, your daily health plan and other daily healthy living inspiration. If your goal is to lose weight you may replace one main meal a day with your smoothie.

We all know the benefits of yoga & pilates but why smoothies?

Because fruits and vegetables contain a huge array of vitamins, mineral and phyto nutrients. 
This helps prevent and/or delay cell damage bought about by our lifestyles, stress, eating, environmental pollution.
Combat inflammation and low energy, boost immunity and digestion, give your brain more nutrient power.
With more fruits and vegetables you are going to be stronger and happier
Smoothies are a fast and easy way to eat fruits and vegetables and add an extra serve of each to your day. 
They are convenient, easy to prepare and delicious. 
Consider what a bowl of 3 - 4 serves of greens and 2 serves of fruit looks like? Imagine if you could find an easier way to consume these large amounts of fruits and vegetables that are so imperative to your health.
Help yourself by having fun with food whilst boosting your health.

How does The 21 Day Challenge work?

1. Purchase the 21 Day Yoga Pilates & Smoothie Program - payment details below.

2. An account will be created via Sammi Jane - Login to your account - this will be supplied

3. Each day for the entire 21 day challenge new daily content will be unlocked for you to follow. All you have to do is click on the email sent to your inbox or log in to your account to access it.

4. Follow the smoothie recipes, the weekly shopping list, health tips and your daily health plan.

5. Practice yoga and pilates daily with your 21 day unlimited pass at Sun Moon Yoga - any existing passes & memberships will be frozen so you don't lose out.

6. A secret facebook group will be setup and both Kelly & Sammi Jane will me available for questions, support and encouragement - Don't have facebook? No worries this is optional and you don't have to join if you don't want to.

Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually we cleanse >> We shed those unwanted belief systems >> We shed those toxins, those imbalances, those germs, those kilos of unwanted weight >> We shed the old and come into the new >> This is the time of year together we step into a new beginning >> the transition from where we are now to where we want to be to >> This year gift it to yourself that you nourish this time and transform with awareness and intent.

Cost: $119.95 - includes unlimited yoga and access to Sammi Jane's smoothie program, done the program already? Only $99 for return clients.
Dates: 11/2 - 3/3/17

All pass and memberships can be put on hold while you complete this program.

Payment options: No bank fees - cash or card in person at the studio or bank transfer to the account below:

Miss K A Arnold
BSB: 066-132
Acc: 1100 3326

Online payment fee: $3.55

No refunds available 5 days prior to the program starting.