Prenatal yoga classes are specifically designed to empower and  nurture pregnant women on their journey through the term of their pregnancy, preparing for the birthing of their baby.  The transition into becoming a parent is a wonderful and joyful time of life but it can come with challenges. Pre-natal yoga with a qualified teacher trained to teach Prenatal yoga can better equip you to care and your baby, nurture your relationships and reconnect with yourself and your changing body while preparing you for birth as an important rite of passage.

In addition to providing a time for you to connect with yourself and your baby, practicing yoga during pregnancy has many physical benefits:

  • Builds strength and flexibility to your body to support you throughout your pregnancy and prepares you for labour

  • A focus on breathing and relaxation techniques that will again assist you throughout your pregnancy and childbirth to calm the nervous system

  • Maintains your overall body fitness and increases your energy and vitality

  • Increases your overall comfort by removing tension and muscle tightness alleviating some of the common discomforts of pregnancy

  • Improves your circulation and muscle tone assisting your respiration, digestion and overall immunity.

  • Helps to re-align your posture which can alter significantly during pregnancy

  • Lessens fatigue and promotes the ability to get a better night’s sleep

  • Introduces positions that will help you to move freely and instinctively during labour

  • Helps to speed up the recovery process after giving birth.

Come breathe, flow and enjoy a stretch as you create space and find release on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Women in all stages of pregnancy are welcome.

Kimberly is a certified Hatha/Vinyasa yoga teacher with a specialty in Children’s and Prenatal & Postnatal yoga. She has completed her training through the Mindful Birth program, one of the only pre-natal yoga training programs based on actual research. Kim’s warm and nurturing approach helps her to offer a well-rounded, empowering class for women at all stages of pregnancy.

Cost: $120 for 6 weeks or pay casual rate $30 a session (those booking the whole course will be given first preference to the limited places available)
Dates: 10/10 - 14/11/19
When: Thursday 635-735pm
Where: Sun Moon Yoga 163 Main Street, Osborne Park

Please email to reserve a place before booking

Payment options: No bank fees: pay up front - cash in person at the studio or bank transfer into the account below:

Miss K A Arnold
Commonwealth Bank
BSB: 066132
ACC: 11003326

If paying by bank transfer please use your initial and surname as a reference.

Paypal - Fee included

Please note* book in advance to secure a place and to ensure this course will run with the required amount of bookings needed. A 10 day cancellation policy applies with no refunds or exchanges.