6 Week - Beginners Yang Yin Yoga - FULL 

This slow moving, deep exploratory 6 week course will provide you, the student with the basics of how a Vinyasa Flow (Yang) and a Yin Yoga (restorative) practice works. Vinyasa is a method of practicing asana (physical poses), in a sequence, flowing one to the next. The practice focuses on aligning the breath with movement while being mindful of healthy alignment principles. Yin is a more passive style, expect a lot of floor work with props such as bolster, blankets and block. Poses are held from 2-4 minutes and offer deep release from stress and tension held in the body. The course will include:

  •        Sun salutations to stretch the biggest muscle groups of the body and get your circulation going to clear out the places where you feel stuck 
  •        Standing poses to build stability and strength, lengthening hamstrings and thigh muscles often tight from sitting, standing or walking on pavement
  •     Hip opener will help you to improve digestion, alleviate back pain and feel calmer
  •     Shoulder and chest openers to free you upper back, and loosen tension in your neck 
  •       Twists to help you clear tightness in your belly, breathe easier and naturally “detoxify’ your body 
  •       Simple breathing techniques to calm your mind and improve circulation, digestion and sleep  

This course is perfect for students new to yoga or for those students wishing to revisit the fundamentals. On completion of the course you will have the experience to attend many other drop in class on the timetable or signup again and again as some of our regular clients do.


Cost: $120
Dates: 2/5/17 -6/6/17
When: Tuesday 735-835pm
Where: Sun Moon Yoga - 163 Main Street, Osborne Park

Bookings: Payment in advance, please email Kelly to check availability: info@sunmoonyogawellness.com

Payment options: No bank fees: Cash or card in person at the studio or bank transfer into the account below:

Miss K A Arnold
BSB: 066132
ACC: 11003326

Paypal: Fee of $3.90 for admin.

Cancellation policy: 10 day cancellation policy applies with no refund or exchanges.  If you become injured, ill or can longer attend the course it may be possible to fill the spot if there is a wait list but this cannot be guaranteed, the more time you give the higher the chance. If we cannot offer your place to a waiting student then a place on another course will be offered to you at a later date. If you become injured, ill or unable to attend a class during the course and you email; info@sunmoonyogawellness.com or text 0497 837 050 prior to the class, you will be offered a free class option from our regular timetable, it is not possible to refund any classes missed through the duration of the course and any no shows without prior notice will become forfeit.

 *Please note that you are only able to take 1 credit which is valid during the course or maximum 1 month after the course has finished. The credit class must be requested and booked in, if you do not show up for the booking the class is forfeit.